BVE Routes

Generate PDF from a BVE route. Optionally upload OpenStreetMap data and/or an image as a background to help align the map of the route with the modelled territory. The result is a single-page PDF with a map of the route and optionally an image and OSM map data behind it.

An example of such a PDF is one from my Cape Town to Simons Town route project.

I know this HTML is crappy table-based layout. If it upsets you very much and you can do better, please send me your improvements.

Your CSV-format OpenBVE route file. For an example, you could use my work-in-progress route for Cape Town to Simons Town.
A single page may not be enough to cover a part of your route in sufficient detail. The X and Y origin define which point maps to the upper left corner of the page.
Visit OpenStreetMap, export a region as XML, and upload the XML file here. You may upload multiple XML export files here if your web browser supports multiple-file input fields. Please consider the copyright implications of using OSM data to build your route; OSM data is under copyright, and you should respect its license conditions.
The geographical coordinates of the start of your route. Southern latitudes are negative; Western longitudes are negative.
This converter uses the Lambert conformal conic projection. It works well for areas that span only a small part of the globe - like almost any OpenBVE route you are likely to want to use. (Although a route for the Trans-Siberian Railway would be an amazing work.)
Rotate the background OSM data this many degrees counter-clockwise.
Rotate your route this many degrees counter-clockwise from straight down the page.
A reasonable guess here would be anything from 15000 to 100000 for a short urban route. Or perhaps 10 million if you're crossing Siberia!
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