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About me


I am Bernd Jendrissek, a freelance software developer. I find almost everything interesting - whether software or not. Current occupations include welding, woodworking, amateur telescope making, various Free Software projects, electronic design. The worst insult I can think of would be to accuse someone of being incurious.

As a lifelong autodidact, I've been writing computer programs since I was a child, although perhaps the first few years shouldn't count. My first "real" programming experience started in about 1989, when as an ever so slightly older child I started learning C. A few years after I was writing useful programs (mostly only to me; certainly available only to me). One day I hope to recover one or more of these early items. After school and university I became economically active as a software developer [PDF, ~60kB].

I'm trying to make my second million - which is supposed to be easier than the first. There are a few ideas I'm trying out; some of them grandiose, and some more banal. Part of the adventure is trying many things, and seeing what works. Fail cheap, they say.

If there's something I can do for you, that relates somehow to my skills and interests, send me a message.

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